ABC, easy as C-B-D!

Purchase Tickets HERE! tran·scend tran(t)ˈsend/ verb be or go beyond the range or limits of As we grow in knowledge of holistic care and natural ways of managing the bodies responses we bring that knowledge to our community. April 20, 2018 join The Sweat Shop in a night to Transcend and experience the truth about…Read more ABC, easy as C-B-D!

Best Place to Workout Nominee!

VOTE DAILY! The Advocate’s annual Best Of contest celebrates those special spots that make Oak Cliff the neighborhood we know and love. We thank our community for the nomination and hope to continue to effect change and make Oak Cliff healthier one sweat at a time!  

New Walls, Same Hustle

By now you may have heard, we moved!! We made the decision to level up and create new motivation in a different space. "The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership." - Harvey S. Firestone   This next step for The Sweat Shop family is one of growth, we have so…Read more New Walls, Same Hustle

Sunday Funday Meals

New Year, new me, means new habits. If you are well underway to creating new habits in 2018 then you know meal prepping is very important. Preparing for success both in and outside of the gym is one way you can assure long term success. Now stay with us... Usually the words "meal prep" brings…Read more Sunday Funday Meals

Becoming Coach Slo

Happy New Year Fit Fam! Today we reintroduce ourselves. First Up Stephanie Lopez "Coach Slo"... #thereal #2018 #findyourfocus #thesweatshopdallas Life before I became coach_slo was like this.... I was a first time mommy to my son Ian Riggs who was born on November 21, 2013. Although I felt blessed to be a mother to my baby…Read more Becoming Coach Slo


In honor of our FYFI (For Your Fitness Information) Series tonight, we are in the spirit of sharing! Our series tonight provides information for truly getting your plan together for the New Year. The rush of New Year Resolutions are on their way people, forget the hype and prepare, tonight 7pm! Now on to the fun... As…Read more #TheMoreYouKnow

FYFI: Highest calories meals, when to eat them!

We asked and you answered! Our IG Stories have been pretty noisy lately asking you about all kinds of habits. Wednesday we asked, what your highest calorie meal is. Our IG Poll says 68% of our followers note Lunch as the highest calorie intake with only 32% saying dinner. We asked a Professional to share…Read more FYFI: Highest calories meals, when to eat them!