Hey there! Nice of you to join us, we’re here to set the record straight, to provide you with tips, tricks and hard truths about this crazy fitness/health nut world we live in. This blog will include Top 5 lists on the best and most useful tools for weight loss, weight gain & all around healthy lifestyle.  We hope you come back and visit us because things are gonna get serious! 


Everyone loves a good Top 5 list, lets go!

 TOP 5 ways to get CARDIO in!

#5 Jump Squat Circuit:

Find some space and try this quick at home/ in office circuit to get your heart pumping and wake up. Set your timer for 5 minutes & complete 30 second rounds of Jump Squats with 30 second rest until time is up!


#4 Sand Storm Quick Knees

You’ve heard it, the heart pumping Sand Storm mix, it’s a staple of Sweat Shop boot camps. Find a sturdy wall, place hands flat on the wall, set timer for 5 minutes do 30 second furious high knees then rest for 15 seconds and repeat until time is up.


#3 Run like you mean it!

Running… some people swear by it and others, well hate it. We want to suggest this, run like you mean it! Find the right music, we suggest Pandora Running Radio, Spotify or Sound Cloud for the best mixes. Look into the right shoes for you, not all shoes are created equal and these have a big effect on your stride. Don’t worry about how fast you go, just get going. Just starting out, try a 1 minute jog to 1 minute brisk walk alternating to help control your breathing and create your stride. If you really wanna get a sweat in load up with a weighted vest like Owner/Head Trainer Jfitt!

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#2 S-E-X… Yeah we said it!

Lets be honest there are few cardio workouts that actually leave us with a smile before, during and after…. or not (insert side eye). So let’s lay it out there sex is a great way to burn a few calories, release Endorphins and sweat. Now don’t think this will replace your regularly scheduled gym sessions but a healthy sex life will definitely make you much happier. Happiness is created and will only add positively to your health! Check out what CNN has to say about it here http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/17/health/sex-calorie-burn-upwave/


#1 Revival By J- Step up and #berevived

Our number one top cardio tip is The Sweat Shop’s newest addition Revival by Jordan.  Now this isn’t your mom’s 80’s step class, no sir! 1 hour with Jordan Clawson, Instructor of Revival by J includes heart pounding high knees, lunges and planks. Set to the latest hype hip hop tracks, burn up to 600+ calories in one class! Check her out every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. sharp, oh and don’t forget your step…. no one  wants to do burpees for a hour (you’ve been warned).


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