5 Tips for Overall Health and Happiness

#RevivalbyJ Instructor Jordan Clawson shares her 5 Tips for Overall Health and Happiness! Sometimes it’s not so complicated, small simple steps taken daily can improve your mood and eventually way of life. Read the list and take what you need…


Message from Jordan:

       Life is a journey ups, down, circles and much more. My ultimate goal within the past year has been to grow individually and be completely happy! My biggest tip is to start this new journey from the inside and work your way out! Maybe you’re feeling like I was a year ago and feel like your life is chaos, you have no control, or living in your own pity. Wake up with me and discover you can create whatever you’d like in this world. Start here to make your individual world a better place, it is, the only place you have to live. Start at the beginning of my list, and be aware of small changes in your life!  Live in Love peeps!
Yes, I said it. That pile of clothes sitting in “the chair”, hang ’em up! They say a clean room will result in a better night rest, and better concentration and drive in the morning.
You, my friend, have complete power of what thoughts come in and out of your mind. Tell the negative ones to get lost, and let the positive ones flow. The way you think can change your whole day, or your life essentially.
Like I said, start from the inside out. We’ve got your house clean, your mind clean, now let’s cleanse your body.When muscle cells don’t have adequate fluids, they don’t work as well and performance can suffer. Nothing special, no teas or anything, just good ol fashion water. A gallon a day, keeps the blemishes away.. Am I the only one? Okay, just drink your water!
Lord know I love it! You could just be starting your fitness journey, or have a trainer like Josh yelling in your face. Either way, get movin’! Go for a walk, a bike ride, stop by the Shop for a bootcamp. “Feel good” neurons are released, confidence boosts, and slowly but surely unwanted fat will fall off. Whether that’s your goal or not, try it!
Last but not least, socialize! Let’s be honest, we’re not robots, nor perfect so get out there and have a good time! Two quotes I’ve taken from my awesome trainer JFitt “strict not restricted” and “progress not perfection”. Be happy friends!


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