As we near the end of year.. yes END of year can you believe it, we gear up for holidays and New Year’s Eve resolutions.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year they are all on the calendar and fast approaching. Now we remind you not to set in any panic but to suggest that you are aware and in control. There have been polls that suggest that between Thanksgiving and Christmas the average person gains between 7-10lbs. A recent article by the New York Times notes that this may be off and really the pounds gained are merely 1-2lbs. That doesn’t sound too bad but don’t get to cheering just yet the issue with these 1-2lbs is that studies show they do not come off. Once you consider that holiday poundage the average weight gain is about 5lbs per year. As the time and decades pass we have to consider the stress all that weight creates on our bodies and in turn our health.

“The rush” happens post holiday usually as the gifts are finally being put to good use and the holiday crazy dies down. The moment when the majority decide this year is the year I “lose the weight”. Industries thrive off the rush, US News reports that “Americans spend north of $60 billion annually to try to lose pounds”.  January 2017 fitness/health & Supplement stores will fill with crowds ready to start.

Our advice, beat the rush! 

In our opinion the reason why most resolutions don’t work is because of the temporary  state of them. The end goal dominates and usually consists of losing 10 or 15lbs with no real detailed plan. Let’s consider an architect with an idea of a grand building, 30 stories high but no plans or steps for construction? Crazy right? Well think of yourself as that architect and the you, you’d like to build as the building .  You’ll need a plan, steps, some help and various goals.

BEAT THE RUSH! Start today…

  1. Make your goal list- include end goal but more importantly include stepping stone goals to help you reach your ultimate goal. (Think of it as the foundation, studs and walls that must go in before the building is done)
  2. Become involved with like minded people. If your goal is to get healthier join a gym (we recommend The Sweat Shop), join a running, cycling (we got a free one) or hiking crew. Anything that will get you on the road to accomplishing what you want.
  3. Educate yourself on nutrition with Youtubers like Fit Men Cook, google and other information available online the possibilities are endless. Check out our blog on food/nutrition documentaries it’s a great way to start learning!
  4. STOP focusing on the scale, once you truly start your health journey you’ll learn the the scale is not a real measure of you. Detaching from goals solely based on scale numbers will free you to make goals based on your strength, stamina and wellbeing. Ex: setting run time goals, # cartwheels (great workout by the way) and weight lifting PR (personal record)
  5. Lastly, be honest with yourself, hold yourself to high standards. When you know better you must do better. Being kind when you’ve really tried and give yourself credit for small victories. Keep yourself honest and realize when you’ve gone off track, this is also part of the journey. The good news? You control it so getting back on track is always at your reach.

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