We’re all gonna die but I got a helmet…

December is that you? Hi, wow snuck up on us…  Do you agree that 2016 zoomed by like a three day weekend?

The count down is on and with 32 days left in the year it is time to reassess. 


This is a saying that you may have heard if you’ve got any really cool veterans and/or friends in your circle. Think about it, what does this saying speak to you? We do admit it is pretty funny, the penguins are hella cute but the saying, “We’re all gonna die but I got a helmet.”,  can have a variety of meanings.  In the case of our in-house #fitfam these nine words speak to our lifestyle.  Let us explain, in the end the cycle of life for all goes in the same direction, it is how you live that life that truly matters.

What makes up our “helmet”?

  • Focus on health, wellness and fitness – All for the “Gains”- gains that provide pride in our own strengths and weaknesses. The gains teach us struggle and provide growth. Learning and focusing on wellness isn’t about being selfish it’s about preparing to give our best to the world. We do that everyday, on the turf at The Sweat Shop.
  • Nutrition and proper fuel for our bodies You’ve heard us sing praises and we’ll do it again. Real food, nutrition and focus on giving our bodies what we need is key. Check out SUPA Greens this local business provides a no nonsense way to get crucial nutrition fast.
  • Targeted care of our bodies – Tactical Therapeutics our #strongmedicine ! We go there to refocus our energies, recover from injuries and get our bodies is top shape. It truly is one of the best ways to care for your body.
  • Mental/emotional care-  New Horizon Counseling Centers  with such a stigma, mental health can sometimes be pushed aside, belittled or ignored. We are here to say that it is also a huge part of the “helmet. Educating ourselved and processing  feelings, trauma and general mental well being is a huge part of health and wellness.

In all our helmet is there to take care of our most important pieces. So when we hear, Wow you look great what’s your secret?, we’ll suggest this blog containing all of our “secrets”& ask they run with them!  In the end, We’re  all gonna die BUT we’ve got our helmets…

What makes up your helmet?

Don’t have one?

Try taking the next 32 days to create or update yours!


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