Year: 2017


In honor of our FYFI (For Your Fitness Information) Series tonight, we are in the spirit of sharing! Our series tonight provides information for truly getting your plan together for the New Year. The rush of New Year Resolutions are on their way people, forget the hype and prepare, tonight 7pm! Now on to the fun… As

FYFI: Highest calories meals, when to eat them!

We asked and you answered! Our IG Stories have been pretty noisy lately asking you about all kinds of habits. Wednesday we asked, what your highest calorie meal is. Our IG Poll says 68% of our followers note Lunch as the highest calorie intake with only 32% saying dinner. We asked a Professional to share

We do it big in a small way!

As you’ve probably heard our annual party is 10 days away and besides the celebration of our achievements our annual party stands for much more…

F.Y.F.I Sweat Shop Newsletter

As we say goodbye to summer and start the Back to School routine we are updating you on some of the happenings around The Sweat Shop. Back-to-School food tips,  stuff to help you focus  & an intro to one of our star players!… Check it out!

Rock with Jfitt

As the years go by and I interact with more clients, I learn some new things.  I hear about  everything from childhood memories to advice and every now and then some pretty crazy stuff. All in all I love what I do.  A client once told me

Jfitt #Fitt33 Travels

  Recently I set out and journeyed the big apple to take on Kore in the Meat Packing District. I want to bring you along…

Let food be thy medicine! #FYFI

Ever wake up and feel stiff, tired, sluggish only to stand up and feel pain? Well that’s  probably inflammation. That can mean a variety of things and we’re no doctors but what we can tell you is how nutrition and an active lifestyle can help you reduce these issues!

5 Foods to Lean Muscle

If you’ve trained with me you’ve probably heard my Sundays revolve around FOOD. Until about 12,000 to 11,000 years ago, all people were hunters and gatherers.   Of course now most of us hunt for deals not food. Anyway I have my favorite places to get the best quality local ingredients and one of those is

Real Recognize Real

“I realised a long time ago that a warrior in search of his dream must take his inspiration from what he actually does & not from what he imagines himself doing.” ― Paulo Coelho 

The Power of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!!! The “holiday” where indulgence is focus. You can see it in ads, online and almost every where you look. Buy diamonds, eat chocolate, head to an expensive dinner… BUT is this LOVE?  Have you considered the Power of Love? According to USA Today “Total U.S. spending on Valentine’s Day is predicted to reach