F.Y.F.I. Series Anyone?

What is F.Y.F.I.? A little back story, The Sweat Shop was founded by our Owner and Head Trainer, Joshua Corona. As a military man, U.S. Navy Veteran to be exact acronyms are second nature.

F.Y.F.I. = For Your Fitness Information

Our first session, “Understanding Your Journey”, is happening January 21st at 12:00 p.m. & totally FREE. Sign up today, only 15 spots available!



What is a “health/fitness journey”?

Why do we hear that word so often associated when trying to lose weight and get healthy?

Lets start by noting one of the definitions for the word Journey.


noun: journey; plural noun: journeys
  • a long and often difficult process of personal change and development.

Those words, “personal change and development.” THAT is what we at The Sweat Shop want you to know must happen before the extra pounds can come off and the lean muscles build.


Our F.Y.F.I. Series in 2017 will include sessions on all aspects of health and fitness. We start in January with “Understanding Your Journey”. In this session we aim to help provide our 15 participants with a wealth of knowledge.

Topics discussed by our fitness & wellness professionals include:

  • Beginning your journey
  • Back to basics
  • Nutrition
  • Importance of Breathing & Stretching
  • Tips and tricks for long term success
  • Information on helpful services & tools online & local to Oak Cliff.
  • Only 15 spots available


If you are ready to make a real change, to gain some knowledge towards personal change and development. Sign up online F.Y.F.I. Understanding Your Journey today!


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