Happy Valentine’s Day friends!!! The “holiday” where indulgence is focus. You can see it in ads, online and almost every where you look. Buy diamonds, eat chocolate, head to an expensive dinner… BUT is this LOVE?  Have you considered the Power of Love? According to USA Today “Total U.S. spending on Valentine’s Day is predicted to reach $18.2 billion this year”.In terms of cold hard cash we’ve determined that “Love” can create billions of dollars in revenue.  This Valentine’s Day we challenge you to use the Power of Love in a positive way that will linger on beyond February 14th. Unknown

First the science! Oxytocin- Oxytocin is a powerful hormone and acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Sometimes known as the love hormone, Oxytocin is shown to increase when people bond socially and physically connect.

Now that we’ve got all the info, lets agree that love is chemical and can lead us to great things and sometimes not so great things like spending hundreds on over priced stuffed animals and boxed chocolates.

Our challenge is simple, demonstrate your love by activating that Oxytocin in different ways. All you couples out there challenge yourselves to get back to basics!! When is the last time you and your partner focused on your shared space, helped massage each others achy feet or even helped stretch those tired muscles? Never or long ago come to mind? Let’s change that up…

Share a space that promotes calm, rest and love:

Bedroom– Add plants that promote better rest.

  • Aloe Vera emits oxygen at night that may help with insomnia and the quality of your sleep.
  • Lavender plants help reduce anxiety by its aroma alone. The smell of Lavender has shown to reduce heart rate, specifically important if you’re feeling anxious and restless.

Bedtime routine– Create an environment that will help you two center and forget about the outside stresses.

  • Have an agreed upon time cell phones go to charge and away from your reach.
  • Invest in some aromatherapy oils- Lavender, Rose or Chamomile are perfect for a calm night time massage.
  • Learn what soothes your partner. Instead of thinking about the most expensive bag, think about the most stressed part of their body and how you can help! Ask questions & communicate likes and dislikes.
  • Set a stretch, foam roll or massage day. Agree on a day to cater to each other or yourselves together. Don’t know what a foam roll is? Stop by The Sweat Shop and we can help!

Those are just some of our suggestions for making this Valentine’s Day the one that really gets things going! wink wink…. Enjoy each other & remember that being active with the one you love can only lead to sexier bodies, endorphins and oxytocin highs!

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Little known fact, many lasting relationships have been created at The Sweat Shop!

Funny how sweating and pushing through a workout can lead to friendships then weddings, babies and life long swolemate connections!

We leave you with some Sweat Shop love…

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