“I realised a long time ago that a warrior in search of his dream must take his inspiration from what he actually does & not from what he imagines himself doing.” ― Paulo Coelho 

Motivation, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that everyone hopes to discover. Problem is motivation isn’t something you stumble on as you decide to get your healthy on.

Let’s face it we’ve all seen the Facebook progression:

  1. #gymtime #newyearnewme
  2. #roundtwo #igothis
  3. #iloveeating #weekenddrinks
  4. #backonit #motivated
  5. #soloworkout #overit
  6. on and on and on…

We’ve been there done that!

Take inspiration by what you actually DO and not by what you imagine yourself doing!


The secret that highly effective people in any area will tell you is… DO! JUST START DOING!  Stop waiting for Monday, your schedule to lighten, the kids to grow up…

But, I don’t know how! Well find people who are doing what you want to do and LEARN. Learn by trying and failing. Trying = Doing if done enough times.

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Top 5 Motivational powerhouses to keep in your fit arsenal!

Andy Frisella- (Business) @andyfrisella img_5542

The MFCEO, 1st Phorm @1stphorm.  Since I started following Andy Frisella on IG. I was instantly drawn to his attitude and how he speaks about handling real life situations and running his business. Never a product placement in podcasts, even though I can attest to the quality of his supplements. He talks about creating culture and the impact you can make on peoples lives. I listen to his podcast at least 2-3 time week, sometimes more than once. Check it out, http://themfceo.com/podcast/

Kevin Curry (FITMENCOOK) (Meal prep) @fitmencook
   When I first joined Instagram one of the very first accounts I followed was @fitmencook.  Around this time, I had just quit my job and training full time and  was slowly getting into cooking. I was tired of eating struggle chicken and brown rice (If your a follower you know what that is lol).  Watching his videos and watching how much passion he had for real food and nutrition. It was really intriguing,  after 3 years hitting that follow button, I was able to meet him. Here we are… img_0934
The day Kevin showed up at my gym was a real honor, I mean to have FITMENCOOK  there was surreal. At that time, I had started sinking into a depression after a back injury that stopped my progress. Kevin would reach out and ask if I wanted to workout with him and long story short the first time we trained was legs, it was a very humbling experience lol. These small challenges (workouts & FMC challenges) got me back on track with cooking and my love for food.
Dominque Navarrette ( Tactical Therapeutics) (Recovery)@tacticaltherapeutics 16ececa6-197c-414a-87a9-8ded34b78e63
       Over the last 3 years Dom has really taught me a lot about breathing, stretching, cupping, massage therapy, close quarters combat etc.  The first year we met, I instantly knew I had to pick his brain, it’s filled with tons of knowledge about the body.  The first couple of times we trained together, were nothing like I expected. It was always deep stretching, breathing and core work. When I would talk to him about my injuries we would always figure out a plan to get me back on track with my training. Dom has taught me so much and the one thing he says is that is truth to the core. “The Body tells No lie”
img_7772David Jack (Men Health) (Spiritual) @thedavidjack
    When I first got into fitness. I subscribed to Mens health online. Every morning when I would go to work for the first 1-2 hours, I would read Mens health and watch every single video I would get in my email.
David Jack was always motivating and very detailed on how he would break down each exercise. Back in Oct 2016 he was gracious enough to host myself and some of the country’s top trainers at #activeight conference. It was a true honor listening to him speak about the REAL in fitness. Before I left the conference he said to me, ” Josh, theres going to be a lot of chaos coming your way. Be ready for it and thrive it in man. Continue to magnify the good and stay the course.”
Mike Boyle (MBSC) coming-soon_0
        The one person I have yet to meet but plan to this coming May. “The Strength Coach Podcast” was was in my daily diet, while I worked a full time job and coached daily bootcamps. I would always listen and take notes. Mike Boyle and the people he had on his podcast share their knowledge and experience in the business of fitness, Coaching and program design.
When I first opened The Sweat Shop, I would go back and replay the fitness and business segment of his podcast. He has been a true inspiration in my hustle.
So there you have it, my daily diet of Motivation and badassery. What is yours? Share and comment to spread the positive vibes!


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