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Recently I set out and journeyed the big apple to take on Kore in the Meat Packing District.

I want to bring you along…Although I’ve been a trainer for many years I found that being a student is the best way to grow and become better at my craft. This trip was definitely one of growth and learning. I want to thank #Lubriderm for hosting me and the great Jess Bolbach Co-Founder/CEO of Kore NYC for the sweat! Check out the trailer to my adventures here. Now with every new adventure come lessons and growth, these are my takeaways:

  • Skincare! Your skin is crucial and part of a healthy lifestyle, remember to take care of your skin. Drinking enough water isn’t just a fitness gimmick it truly is important to your well being. Try a minimum of 2 liters a day and shoot for a gallon a day.
  • Be open to NEW fitness adventures! If you’re like our #sweatshopbadasses you LOVE your home gym but remember keeping it FUN is what its all about. Be open to new experiences think of fitness not just for weight loss but as an hour of “ME TIME”. Enjoy movement and time improving and caring for your body.
  • Always carry cash! Here is where I get real with y’all, post class I was feeling great ready to explore NYC, I head out and stopped at a local organic eats shop, had lunch and BOOM card declined…. I called my bank and was notified of fraudulent charges. Someone decided to try and ruin my day! “Thrive in chaos” isn’t just a saying we use at The Sweat Shop but a motto I live by. I took a deep breath and a shot of whiskey then was able to sort out the mess and keep positive.
  • Fresh fruits and veggies will save the day! After the fraud charges I was ready for a recharge, I scoured the city and found a local juice bar to help me regroup and get through the day! Never have carrots, beets and ginger tasted so good!

All in all the trip was a learning experience. Meeting new people, training side by side with other motivated influencers and being in a new city reminded me that opportunities are endless.

Listen Up!

Life is what you make it so believe in yourself enough to go out there and try new things. Get your body moving and find what works for you!

*A little about Kore NYC, Full-body interval training focused on strength, flexibility, stability and cardio…without the treadmills. 50-minute group classes incorporate bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, TRX, and resistance training set to the beat in a fun, energetic atmosphere.  Follow on IG @korenewyork



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