We do it big in a small way!

As you’ve probably heard our annual party is 10 days away and besides the celebration of our achievements our annual party stands for much more…

The idea for our annual party came about after our trainers watched the evolution of clients.  After months and even years of training they showed real change, physically, mentally and emotionally. We wanted to showcase that and allow for one night where we could all show up looking our best and celebrate with each other.

As the idea of our yearly celebration evolved we began to also incorporate some of our favorite small businesses, most of which belonged to clients. Each year at our party we invite and share the hosting with businesses like SUPA, Evolution Fitness & Health, Air Now , The Mod Labb, Diamond 3 Fencing, Ejay Tattoo, Sir Kevo & many more. Keeping fitness fun in the community and promoting small business all while having a great time! As a minority/veteran owned business we feel a responsibility to grow and showcase others doing the same.  This year we come together with our friends in business as well as those in our fitness community by benefiting http://www.bisongivingback.org  

Bison Giving Back is a grass roots non-profit organization founded by a group of Sunset High School alumni who are dedicated to aiding exceptional Oak Cliff students with the growing cost of a post high school education.

In short our big celebration, put in motion by small businesses with BIG ideas, goes to benefit our community’s future. If you grew up in the Oak Cliff area you know about the economic disparities that prevent some of our talented youth from advancing into 4 year universities.  We can help, you can help and one way of doing so is as easy as celebrating!

Oak Cliff is experiencing change faster than we can keep up and as we see the changes we must also change. Change for the better by leading the charge and empowering each other along with the next generation to get educated, get healthy and grow in business/careers.

Join the movement, each year as we grow, we welcome you to grow with us!

Tickets still available: Sweat Shop Masquerade Ball 2017

Date: Oct 28, 2017
Time: 9:30pm -1:00 am
Social Arts Event Room
106 E Freeman St
Duncanville TX 75116

Theme: Sweat Shop Masquerade Ball (Masques will be provided)

Attire: Masquerade Ball fresh (think gala, black tie, prom)

See you at the ball!

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