In honor of our FYFI (For Your Fitness Information) Series tonight, we are in the spirit of sharing! Our series tonight provides information for truly getting your plan together for the New Year. The rush of New Year Resolutions are on their way people, forget the hype and prepare, tonight 7pm!

Now on to the fun… As we close out 2017 some of our Team is sharing our favorite Influencers, Podcasts & Books this year.“2018 Is my year!”, You saying that too?

In our quest to better ourselves we’ve made it a priority to be selective in the information we consume daily. Just like in our diet the information we take in daily matters. What you listen to, watch and read matters. We believe the ideas and suggestions we take in affects us on a cellular level, because of this we take it very seriously.  Check out our lists below!



  • Extreme Ownership- How US Navy Seals lead & Win
  • The 15 Invaluable laws of growth- by John C. Maxwell
  • 33 Strategies of War- Robert Green
*Josh Corona-  Jfitt

Social Media Influencer: Eric Thomas

Book: The Secret of Success- Eric Thomas

*Joel Corona – Joey Fresh Training


The Female Body Breakthrough- Rachel Cosgrove


  • The MF CEO Podcast

Social Media Influencer: Hannah Eden Hannah Eden


*Stephanie Lopez- Coach Slo


  • BossGirl Creative
  • Bullet Proof Radio


  • Lean In- Sheryl Sandberg
  • Option B- Sheryl Sandberg
*Denise Corona- Business & Marketing Director

Got any suggestions, let us know what we should check out next!!

Happy Holiday for our family to yours!

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