We like strong butts & we cannot lie!

Sir Mix A lot said it best, “silicone parts are made for toys”. In the age of big ole butts, “Kim K”esque body ideals and an abundance of IG model booty posts we want to bring the real deal your way.  Lets talk all things Glutes with Jfitt!

Let’s be honest a nice butt will get heads turning. Yes, guys and girls, the gluteal muscles apart from attractive play a huge role in your overall health. This muscle group is broken down into 3 muscles, the minimus, medius and maximus. These muscles are the largest and strongest muscles in your body. The three muscles work together to abduct, rotate and extend the hip.

Having strong gluteal muscles helps prevent injury in the knees, lower back, hamstrings and groin. Strong glutes can enhance your performance in everything from weightlifting to running. The opposite of this, weak glute muscles, can have effects like lower back pain, knee pain & even chronic ankle sprains.

“Shorty said it’s all hers, why her thighs don’t match?”- Cardi B


The thing about growing and strengthening your glutes is that the process cannot be accomplished by “squat challenges” or “growth creams”. The recent boom in  Brazilian Butt Augmentation, which creates volume through fat transfer averages $8,000-$10,000 in cost. Besides the cost, the procedure is a fat transfer which provides volume but no real growth/strengthening in the muscles.  This muscle group, as mentioned is huge and is in direct correlation to your legs, specifically your hamstrings. This direct connection makes a “fake” butt pretty obvious as the fat is set on the booty and the legs… well she said it, they don’t match!

According to US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health 

“The gluteus maximus and hamstring muscles are synergists for hip extension. Hamstring tightness in individuals with low back pain could be a compensatory mechanism for weak gluteal muscles.”

“The Best Kept Secret in Oak Cliff!”

Jfitt Elite Glute Specific Training is available on a Semi-Private and Private Basis. In this Blog Jfitt shares 3 tips on how to grow and strengthen your glutes the right way.

3 Tips to Build Your Glutes

  1. Loosen up those hips in order to maximize your Glute gains. Start your training session with a warm up focusing on hip mobility. Such as leg swings, hip racking and lateral movements

  2. Activate! Now that you have your hips mobile you want to active the Glute muscles so they work together while executing your workout.

  3. Perform Big Lifts!  That’s right ladies, get under that barbell and load it with weight you can move correctly.  Perform big lifts such Back Squats, Hip Thrusts and Leg presses. Don’t just move the weight, use your mind and focus on those Gluteal muscles. (The Mind-Muscle connection )

    Let’s get that booty in shape! For more information on how to train and grow your glutes schedule a one-on-one today Schedule a Booty Consult

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Want to grow your glutes?

Educate yourself and find what works for you!


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