7 months into 2018 and July has arrived, really almost half over at this point. We know, this year is moving at the speed of light! What we are interested in is how fast you and your most loved ones are moving.
Have you and the BFF/Significant other/workout partner stayed on your goals?
Remember waaaay back in January when we said, “New Year, New Me”?

The funny thing about fitness and health is that most people have the “all or nothing mentality”. This mentality pressures us to feel like a setback means we’re done, we’ve gone too far off diet and our exercise plans to keep going.

We have to change that mindset! So what if you and your BFF did great for two weeks and then life happened and you didn’t stay consistent. So what if you and your significant other overindulged during the 4th of July weekend, falling off your clean eating plan.

Gather the troops & START AGAIN! 

The key to keeping momentum or what others may call “motivation” is starting again right then and there.

  • You & a friend go out and indulge too much. You wake up feeling horrible (like you both knew you would, insert eye roll).

Do you…

A.) You already messed up anyway so you sleep in, buy a greasy meal and                             watch TV in the dark all day.

B.) Get some rest, wake up, hydrate, eat some fresh healthy food and get                                moving.

This one choice between these two actions propels you into the next. What you do in this moment is important. Take your health & fitness journey one action at a time & don’t get overwhelmed. Consider communicating your struggles,  write down  steps to get back on plan & don’t quit!

Take some advice from Owner/ Head Trainer Josh “Jfitt” Corona:

I believe in thinking of your healthy lifestyle like a big beautiful work of art. Often times when you see the big picture you become overwhelmed because of how much work it will take to create it.

I recommend focusing on each stroke. Preparing and making sure that each day you create that next stroke in the painting. Every stroke ultimately becomes a part of the big picture & you are the work of art.

Now that we are focused and ready to go…

Calling all Sweat Shop Members!!

This Saturday 7/14/18 Bring a friend for half off!

Only $10 to join us on the turf.

Share the gift of strong!

“A friend is like a good bra: hard to find, comfortable, supportive, always lifts you up, makes you look better, never lets you down or leaves you hanging, and always close to your heart.”

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