A little background on The Sweat Shop, we’re Oak Cliff to the core. Born and raised! We found a huge void in the hood for all things health & fitness and decided we needed a change. So here we are! In our 5th year in Oak Cliff (10 years of Jfitt training in OC). We’ve been able to do great things getting our sweat on BUT we found we have so much more to offer!

Let’s talk fun, healthy & positive fun! When the weekend hits  in OC and it’s time to go out for some fun the options are lets say limited. Usually its going out to eat or get a drink. Scratch that… The Sweat Shop brings you fun that lasts & keeps giving even after you’ve left!

Sweat Shop, sweatworking was born in 2016 and has grown. In 2018 we’ve hosted Sweat working & F.Y.F.I events monthly.

What is Sweat Working? It’s the experience of learning new things, meeting new people and getting a little sweat in during the process. Events like, FLY geared towards women, self-care & sweat. 420 Yoga helped us focus on self care & learn about holistic resources. Recently, we hosted Summer GLOW HIIT, it was so much fun getting cardio in with body paint on under the black lights! Each event a huge success & confirmed our hood needs more. So we keep flipping the script, rewriting what it means to work towards healthier minds and bodies. We believe that health/strength & fitness are way more than focusing solely on weight loss and cringing at the thought of “having to workout”.

This month, Friday September 7th, we host Sound Therapy. Gong Meditation! This is our 3rd Gong session because we LOVE IT! Now hear us out, in a community filled with fast food, bars, corporate gym blasting $1 sign ups we only bring what we know will feed our people. Gong meditation is one of the ways we feel we can improve our mental & physical health. We open this session up to Adults & kids 10 yrs old + with the school year ramping up we KNOW you and your family will have the best sound therapy experience.

Get out of your comfort zone, try out new ideas and listen to your body.

Check out the details & grab your spot today as limited spots are available and NO tickets will be sold at the door.

Gong Meditation RSVP

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