Jfitt 33

On September 19th I turned 33!  It’s pretty exciting, and I find myself reflecting on things I believe helped me get through my day.  Weather my day is smoothing sailing with blue clear skies or your ship hits rough seas and the boat is rocking hard and everything is falling all over the place..

I have put together a list of 33 things that I do to help me get through my day, no matter what time of the year is and I also added a thing that i believe to be true.. These are in no particular order so don’t worry about priority… .

  1. Getting older is a good thing.
  3. Exercise helps clear the mind
  4. Be Grateful for every day you can breathe
  5. Its okay to outgrow people and go in different path.
  6. Dez Caught it
  7. To achieve the Impossible you have to see the invisible
  8. Use your imagination (ALOT)
  9. Meet new people
  10. Know when to ask for help
  11. Serve others
  12. Do More than what your paid for..
  13. Have Family time
  14. Make a list
  15. Stick to the list
  16. Believe in yourself when no one else will.
  17. People will let you down.. Its ok
  18. Everyone has problems
  19. Have Patience
  20. Get Stronger (Lift weights)
  21. Read books ( I do AudioBooks )
  22. Be willing to work for everything want….
  23. The Cowboys are still America’s Team.. (You never prove a cowboy wrong on this one)
  24. Get out doors and hike a trail
  25. Running sucks (Do it anyway, Sike just don’t it lol)
  26. BE YOU
  28. Have a Daily routine that benefits you
  29. Put your goals first
  30. Be selfish
  31. Meditate
  32. Work Harder than you did yesterday
  33. Last But not least…. When your day is going crazy… Its okay to have a whiskey, deep breathe and prepare for the next day.


 If any of these stood out to you, write it down and think about it… Even if its only for a few seconds…



Jfitt Out.

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