A Whole New Ballgame

Coach Ruben Velez

How many times have you been in the thick of something and loss appears eminent – only something alters the course, and everything changes?

I grew up in mesquite, a small town that’s not such a small town anymore east of Dallas. I played pee wee football, which I only played because all the girls liked football players, my first season we didn’t win a game but my second season we didn’t lose a game.

That’s how the ball bounces in life right? Did I ever get a girlfriend? No, I was too busy stuffing my face with food and playing video games. I played football through elementary & middle school, at Kimbrough middle school, we lost to McDonald high school both years and in each season, we played them on their flooded, quick sand like field. To this day I swear they fixed their field to have an advantage. I also played baseball in middle school, I remember my first game I thought I caught a fly ball for an out, but it popped out of my glove. Those L’s taught me life really is about handling the losses and finding a way to become better. After playing sports most of my life, looking back the hardest part was the off-season workouts, those killed me.

I’ve always had a demanding schedule, sports, school and work. I’ve even worked a few jobs, simultaneously. Albertsons, sonic (I worked one day there and quit, it wasn’t as cool as they said it was), Foot Action (Store Manager at 22), Coca Cola where I worked for 11 years. I made good money, but budget cut backs came in and after 11 years, I was laid off. Eight months before getting laid off the mother of my children and I spilt up, within a year I’d lost all I’d known for the last 10-13 years.

Life happened again, and I tried to figure out how to get myself back in the game. I started training at the Sweatshop Dallas not thinking it would be a lifestyle but more like just something to occupy my time. Working out is tough but it’s a lot tougher when you have your mind racing, so I trained to find a focus – Me.

When I started to focus on myself, things started to fall into place. I gained a lot of my confidence back, shed weight and had fun doing it. I met a woman working behind the shake bar at The Sweat Shop and we began to “talk” as the kids say nowadays. We both had kids and they were all in sports too. That woman became my fiancé, our goal is to have a wedding outside the US and we are making that goal a reality. To get to that goal I’ve taken on a few extra jobs, working on the weekends coming home at midnight and heading back to work at 7am. It’s tough but I’ve found a way to bounce back from everything in life & get myself to a better place. I’ve applied that work ethic to this and every other goal in my life.

There’s a lot of things I enjoy in life besides a good burger, fitness and baseball. I love watching a pitcher throw a ball and watching the seams spin. I enjoy watching people having fun with fitness because it can suck so you got to make it fun. I’m now studying even more about fitness, to help my clients add fun to their daily fitness. I enjoy making people smile and laugh while they are busting out a good sweat in my classes too.

Thanks for allowing me to share my journey with you #sweatgang meet me on the turf for my FUNctional fitness boot camps and laugh a little while you sweat.


One thought on “A Whole New Ballgame

  • Faby Olvera
    November 13, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    Wow Ruben!!! Who might think of everything you’ve gone through, when we see you at the shop we think everything is perfect for you, you’re an amazing trainer, you’re fit and healthy! Thank you for sharing your story!

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