Jfitt’s Top 3 Booty Exercises

Real Glute strength, tone and growth comes with strategic training to focus on muscles that improve the overall shape of the glutes. You have to accomplish this with more that just your ordinary squats.

We sat down with Sweat Shop Owner and Master Trainer, Joshua “Jfitt” Corona to ask about his go-to booty toning exercises. As he embarks on a new Spring/Summer season training women and female athletes he is tasked with the work of creating strong, functional and sexy bodies. This is no easy ask for any trainer!

Jfitt boasts 10 years + experience in training women and men. In his time he’s found success in creating programs that truly transform bodies creating sexy silhouettes along with true muscle growth.

The booty is just that, a muscle. Many people don’t realize just how important it is to have strength in the glutes & lower body muscles. According to @livestrong – ” Strengthening your glutes can help improve posture, as well as make sitting down, standing, picking up heavy objects and climbing stairs easier. Developing strong glutes can also improve athletic performance and decrease your risk for injuries.”

Without further ado, check out Jfitt’s Booty Grow exercises for 2019 Spring/Summer:

1st exercise: Feet Elevated Hip Thrust

Why do you recommend: Increases range of motion targets Glutes and Hamstrings. This creates symmetry and helps you avoid the trending “big butt, skinny leg” Kardashian trend.

What should we remember when performing: Push your weight up with your glutes, not your lower back. Breathe and focus your power in the booty muscles to correctly complete and get best results.

2nd exercise: Single Leg Glute Bridge

Why do you recommend: This is a great exercise that works the glutes and gets great activation without any added weight.  When performed correctly its extremely challenging and gets great results.

What should we remember when performing: Do not arch your back, you should not feel this exercise in the back muscles. Form is super important when targeting a specific muscle group. Get focused, move with purpose and control your breath.

3rd exercise: Barbell Glute Bridge

Why do you recommend: The barbell glute bridge is a progression to the body weight glute bridge I mentioned earlier. Adding weight to the exercise helps develop stronger glutes using shorter range of motion. You may need a partner or someone to help spot you.

What should we remember when performing: Pause for a brief moment when at the top of the movement. Keeping the muscles under tension for those brief moments will provide a burn and muscle growth.

Give these a try & see the difference!

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