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Do you take time to reflect on experiences and lessons that shaped you? A birthday is a great time to do this. Today we celebrate our very own Coach Ruben V as he turns 37 years old.

Help us wish him a Happy Birthday!

Coach Ruben V

Coach Ruben is our FUNctional Fitness, Fitt Kids Coach, father, future husband and all around Boss. To celebrate his birthday we sat down and asked about all the wisdom he’d gained in his 37 years.

Here is his quick draw list, take what feeds you leave what doesn’t:

When you’re down to 1 out to win the World Series, play no doubles defense

Dez didn’t catch it

Brady did fumble in the afc championship game vs the raiders

As you get older you’ll find out the smaller your circle gets, the better off you are

Carbs aren’t the enemy

When you have the chance to love, love hard

Definitely burgers over tacos. Don’t @ me

Meditation is overlooked

When you actually write down a goal, it becomes real  quickly.

Life isn’t fair

Don’t wait for things to happen, get up (early if possible) and make things happen

Never compare yourself to others.

The best time to eat or train right is now, don’t wait till January 1st or Monday. Go for it !

Invest in yourself

Whataburger is better

You’re going to fail but it’s ok, learn from it

It’s never too late to turn things around for the better

You can’t change the past, focus on now

Breathing makes everything better

Cardio is amazing

Treat others the way they want to be treated not the way you want to treat them

Enjoy your health

Find yourself a coach

How you spend your time is more important than any material item or money

Practice gratitude

Enjoy the present, the journey is life

It’s ok to cry

When in doubt – lift heavy

Enjoy a cheat meal

Give someone a smile or hug, hugs are free btw

Take a vacation on a cruise, it’s a game changer.

Educate yourself

Root beer floats with alcohol are so much better

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