“If you want something you have never had, you must do something you have never done.”

When you read this, what emotions come up for you?  

For me, fear and excitement come to mind.  Being fearful of the unknown can limit our belief about what we are truly capable of.  Fear of change may also be a limiting belief that is holding you back.  We are creatures of habit and often don’t embrace change and how it can make us better or help us achieve a goal.


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Can you think of a time when you created the worst case scenario for an event or situation only to have it turn out great?!?!  

I know that I can…


Our mindsets around a goal, an event, or a situation can/will dictate our experience.  Having a positive mindset will change your outlook, experience, and results for just about anything.  It’s when we let that pesky emotion fear create self-doubt that we ask the question, “can I really do this?” 

 The answer is YES YOU CAN!!! Here are some tips to putting your goals in sight!

  • First come up with a list of behaviors/actions that you are already doing that is moving you closer to that goal.  
  • Once you have that, list one to three behaviors that you can STOP doing that are moving you further away from that goal.
  • Now decide how you can do a little bit more, or do a little bit better.  For example, if you are getting in 6,000 steps per day, modify your schedule so that you can get in 8,000 steps per day.  A little bit more, a little bit better.

The last step is to pick one to three things that are outside your comfort zone.  They may scare you just a little, BUT they will make the biggest difference in achieving your goal and seeing the results you want. 

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