I want to address the issue of FAILED New Year’s Resolutions. “New Year New Me”, this is the popular saying that comes up the first 4-5 weeks of the new year. As the new year progresses, this “motivation” quickly dies down, this is the time most people give up.  Actually, according to statistics compiled by a “big box” gym, the most drastic drop off in gym attendance occurs 38 days from the New Year (February 7th).

We all begin the year with high hopes and big goals for our health and fitness.  But only 30 days into the year, only 6 out of 10 people are still on track with their goal to “lose weight,” “exercise more,” or “eat healthy.”

And by the end of the year, only 1 out of 10 people have sustained their New Year’s Resolution to be healthier.

What’s even worse for those who actually do lose weight, 80% of them gain it back again AND 67% of those people gain more weight back than they originally lost!


Repetition is at the foundation of learning.  We must see, hear, read, experience things over and over and over again before they truly become ingrained in us.  

Community is the reinforcement of behavior through group participation and group approval – THIS is important when it comes to your weight loss and fitness goals!

Think about the most powerful passionate belief systems…

Church, politics, sports, and even AA meeting are held in groups for a reason.

Although not everyone in a community may be your best friend, communities provide support to keep you on track through the “power of loose ties.”

You see; we tend to surround ourselves with people that are similar to us, so our closet friends tend to have the same habits that we do (by the way, this works against ourselves when we’re trying to make a major lifestyle change like being more healthy & fit).  There is also no pressure to impress your closest friends and family because you already know that you have their acceptance.  If not, that’s a different conversation all together.  Just remember, while you might not be able to pick your family, you CAN pick your friends…

On the other hand, “loose ties” or people that you would consider acquaintances can be a powerful factor in habit change.  When you join a new community that has habits that you aspire to develop, but might be out of your current comfort zone, the peer pressure of gaining acceptance and wanting to impress your new peers HELPS drive these changes.

Belief is often viewed as something that develops out of our control, but understanding the subconscious psychological power of communities can help you put yourself in a position for long-term success.  The power of “loose ties” plus seeing others in the community who have succeeded in situations similar to yours creates belief.  As you begin to believe more you build up your faith.

So, if you’re SERIOUS about hitting your goals this year, find a proven system that you can believe in and a community that supports your goals.

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