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Belinda’s ongoing transformation
  “I always said this year is my year and would start eating right and going to the gym and just to fail. I mean I guess I hadn’t hit rock bottom like they say. Well, 2019 changed my life I unexpectedly lost my mom. I felt like my world just fell apart. 

Life is too short to keep wishing. I always said I wish I could lose weight I wish I could travel I wish I felt good about myself, I wish I was pretty, I wish I wish I wish. 

My mom was my best friend she was the one who I would call, always together on weekends, breakfast dates and endless conversations about nothing really but everything. I hit rock bottom; I was depressed eating more because I had lost my best friend. I was tired my body hurt and gaining more and more weight hitting my highest weight of 230lbs. There were days I couldn’t get up cause my back hurt but had to because I had to go to work. My mom always wished a lot of things and she died without doing a lot of the things she wished for. Life is too short to keep wishing. That’s what changed and one day decided to work on myself. Little by little I made changes cutting soda, making better food choices then went to the gym and did the treadmill for an hour at least and lost 10lbs. 

Then I saw this ad for a gym in my area The Sweat Shop and booked a consultation. I was nervous didn’t know what I was getting into and ended up joining a six-week program. I had to wake up at 4 am for workouts, had a meal plan and had to go to sleep at a certain time. Man, it was hard, didn’t think I would make it through the six weeks but stuck with it and continued. It was hard but now I can say I have done a lot of the stuff I had always wished for and continue to work on my journey.  I fell in love with my healthy lifestyle, now my current weight 165lbs. 

Hard work and staying consistent is the key to any success!! Thanks to the positive people I have in my life that give me kind words of encouragement and the SWEAT GANG your support has helped me so much in my journey!”

42 Day Transformation Challenge

Starts January 2022 

Training in person 3 times per week @The Sweat Shop

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