We are The Sweat Shop Dallas, providing true transformation in form of focused, guided, goal targeted Transformation challenges to jump start your life.

We provide results- from the out of shape to first responders. We get lasting results for our clients and push every day to continue providing the best programs in the area.

We guarantee our members results and transformation in all things wellness.

Join the challenge!

Book a consult with out Coaches to jump into our 28 Day Transformation Challenge.

28 Day challenge Includes:

  • Fast Pack Weightloss Stack
  • 1 DB Fat Burners
  • Opti Greens 50
  • Thyro Drive
  • 10 Fitness Training Sessions
  • Weekly Accountability
  • At Home Workout Program 🚨🚨
28 Day Detox


Strength Training series! Join us for a 90 minute squat seminar. Open to beginners and any one who is wanting to learn the ins and outs of squatting. We focus on muscle groups, mind muscle connection and answer all your squat questions. This is a private event with treats and sips!

Plus take home a squat band to continue your leg & glute workouts at home!

Squa-A-Thon RSVP

Core Values

  • Lead by Example
  • Pursue Growth and Learning
  • Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
  • Build Relationships
  • Take Initiative
  • Serve others
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Practice humility
  • Gratitude
  • Dedication

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