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XXXVII-Coach RubenV

Do you take time to reflect on experiences and lessons that shaped you? A birthday is a great time to do this. Today we celebrate our very own Coach Ruben V as he turns 37 years old. Help us wish him a Happy Birthday! Coach Ruben is our FUNctional Fitness, Fitt Kids Coach, father, future

More than a cutie w/a booty!

Jfitt’s Top 3 Booty Exercises Real Glute strength, tone and growth comes with strategic training to focus on muscles that improve the overall shape of the glutes. You have to accomplish this with more that just your ordinary squats. We sat down with Sweat Shop Owner and Master Trainer, Joshua “Jfitt” Corona to ask about

“I don’t have time”

How are you spending your time? Time is something we don’t get back and yet we often don’t utilize it wisely. I know I’m guilty of this as well. Watching too much TV instead of cleaning up and doing the laundry. Sometimes before I workout, I spend way too much time over thinking instead of

Fitt Kids OC

2019 The Sweat Shop brings Fitt Kids to OC!      The Sweat Shop is known for Strength Training, making moms and dads stronger each day. Our membership is built primarily of Women working to become mentally and physically healthier and stronger. As we continue to conquer the ins & outs of women’s fitness we

Dedicated December

2018 is rapidly coming to a close and we at The Sweat Shop are serving our local community in these last few weeks of the year. If you know us you know we are Oak Cliff! Together we want to impact the lives in our community by creating a more conscious environment in all things

A Whole New Ballgame

How many times have you been in the thick of something and loss appears eminent – only something alters the course, and everything changes? I grew up in mesquite, a small town that’s not such a small town anymore east of Dallas. I played pee wee football, which I only played because all the girls liked

More Money, Less Problems

Blog By Erika Navarette- Navarrete Accouting LLC Hello, my name is Erika Navarrete and I am your Money Mentor! I am the accountant for Josh and Denise Corona, the owners of The Sweatshop Dallas and Irma Vargas the owner of Bella Med Spa. I also work a full-time job as a Sr. Accountant for an

Smile, breathe and go slowly.

 Happy October Sweat Gang! To start off this fall season Jfitt is sharing 5 ways to create positive energy in your life! What better way to start a new month, new season and end the year than with positivity? 

Jfitt 33

On September 19th I turned 33!  It’s pretty exciting, and I find myself reflecting on things I believe helped me get through my day.  Weather my day is smoothing sailing with blue clear skies or your ship hits rough seas and the boat is rocking hard and everything is falling all over the place..

Experience our Oak Cliff

     A little background on The Sweat Shop, we’re Oak Cliff to the core. Born and raised! We found a huge void in the hood for all things health & fitness and decided we needed a change. So here we are! In our 5th year in Oak Cliff (10 years of Jfitt training in