Nutrition & Meal Prep

       The road to your goals will be a challenge but finding resources, asking questions and surrounding yourself with others on the same mission can make that “challenge” a journey. We are here to help!

We suggest everyone experiment with food, try new things, learn to cook and have fun with your meals.

Ready to jump in the kitchen and get started? Awesome, here’s one of our favorites sites to help you get started!

Check out our friend Kevin Curry with Fit Men Cook, amazing recipes that are healthy and delicious. FIT MEN COOK

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“No way, I don’t cook!”

” I love to cook but don’t have the time.”

        We’ve all been there lunchtime approaches and the usual happens, no time to cook, didn’t bring a lunch… What should I eat?

The average American spend $1,200 on fast food alone and nearly $5,000 on groceries yearly.

The Sweat Shop offers weekly state certified, portioned and calorie conscious  Icon Meals! Quality meals properly portioned, prepared fresh and conveniently available.

How does it work?

  • Fresh locally prepared meals available at The Sweat Shop every Monday 5:00 p.m. at The Sweat Shop (holidays may change schedule)
  • Want to order what you love? Pre-order with us!
    • Every Saturday we can send you the menu
    • Place your order with us by Sunday at 12:00 p.m. noon latest
    • Pick up you meals anytime Monday after 5pm
    • Each meal only $8 ( any meal with Salmon $9)

   Check out Fitt Meal packs for monthly purchases!

Have a goal to meet? Just want to eat healthier? 


Meal prep in bulk at a discount: 

  • 10 Meals – $75.00
  • 15 Meals – $115.00
  • 20 Meals – $145.00

Have questions?